The NGO REGENERATION MATRIX is an association which has mainly affiliated members:

They are :

  • communities of people who have suffered such traumas as armed conflict, rape, famine, climate disasters, homeless people, child soldiers …
  • communities of business creators in areas of trauma and hyper-technology, to create synergies between communities
  • NGOs grouped in circles of common interests in Africa by example
  • our volunteers around the world, most of whom are from the MOOC GdP online training in Project Management at the Ecole Centrale d’Ingénieurs de Lille

There are 3 ways to be recognized as an affiliate member:

  • be a local or international volunteer of our projects and communities
  • be part of communities benefiting from our projects, research, fundraising and services
  • either apply to become an affiliate member that is validated by the committee and is subject to a subscription

Western dues price 2019:

 50.- for a student

100.- for an individual member

500.- for a small structure

1500.- for a large structure